Plaid In Kindergarten – Make It Monday – To My Classroom

This will not be a typical Make It Monday post, but it is a Made It Monday! Why? I finally made it to my new classroom! For those who know me, you know that I not only changed grade levels, I also changed districts! Basically, I made a lot of changes this summer! (Another made it! I made a change!) Because of the changes in the school I wasn’t able to actually move in my room until today. I had to wait for my room to be emptied by the previous teacher. So! I made it! I made it to my new room today! Ignore the mess, there are still some things in the room. 



Plaid In Kindergarten – Thrifty Thursday – Paper Pencils Math Centers

Another Thrifty Thursday courtesy of the Target Dollar Spot! This time I found these paper pencils (that come in 6 different colors) for classroom accents that come 24 to a pack. (Don’t they know how many letters in the alphabet?) Since there weren’t enough in a pack for upper and lower case letters, beginning sounds, etc… I knew I could use them for numbers!Number Pencils 1I decided to use these to make a math center that could either grow with the class or be easy to differentiate for leveled learners. For this I bought 3 sets which gave me enough to make three versions of cards.

  • just numbers
  • dots (in the same pattern as tens frames)
  • number words

By making three versions of cards it enables me to have the students use them in several ways. Thinking out load here…

  • put the numbers in order
  • match numbers to words
  • match numbers to dots
  • match numbers to both!
  • concentration
  • put sets in a sensory bin and have them matchnumber pencils 2

Next, I wanted to come up with a way to have them show, or document, their practice and learning. I made several matching activities (above) where they could track what they are doing. One sheet has numbers, one has number words, and one has tens frames. So, for $3.00 and a little computer time, I made a center that, I hope, can be used throughout the year. How else might you use these? Let me know! I’m always open to new ideas!

number pencils 3

KinderTribe – All About Me

For those so know me at all, they know the utter surprise it must be here that Stephen Wolfe is a kindergarten teacher. The year hasn’t even started and I already have a newfound respect for kindergarten teachers and the work they do. This is, without a doubt, the most challenging start of my career as a teacher. It’s the most challenging, but also one I am tremendously excited about. So that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, I started looking at kindergarten blogs, I connected with some kindergarten teachers on twitter, I found some kindergarten pages on facebook (even messaged one to get some advice), and, through all that, I found a tribe forming. This tribe was a group of kindergarten teachers, all at different stages in their career, who were looking to connect with other kindergarten from all over the world to share, learn, and grow together.

Since this KinderTribe is so brand new, we are all just getting to know each other, so, this is me…. I can’t wait to join the link up and learn all about the rest of them too.

KinderTribe All About Me

Plaid In Kindergarten – Make It Monday – Bottle Caps

Getting ready for kindergarten has proven there is a need for making a lot of new things to use this year. Outside of printing loads of things off of TeachersPayTeachers, I wanted to make a lot of tactile things for the kids to use in reading language arts and math. While searching through Pinterest I found a lot of ideas using bottle caps. Now, I do like the Diet Mountain Dew, but even I don’t drink enough to make a collection of letters, numbers, blends, etc… so I put a plea out on Facebook to all my friends asking my friends to collect bottle caps for me. One friend showed up with a bag full from water bottles which gave the perfect opportunity for one of my first Make It Monday projects.

Bottle Caps 3

After making a trip to OfficeDepot to pick up some labels, I was ready to go. I found that the 3/4 inch circle labels worked very well. I typed all the letters in upper case and lower case and I also typed up numbers 1-20. Since I had some extra labels on each page, I made some more vowels for making names and sight words later and the blends and digraphs that the district requires for the school year. You can see below how the looked when I got done labeling some of the bottle caps.

Bottle Caps

After I labeled all the bottle caps I had, I decided I wanted to give something else to show, or document, their practice and learning. I made several matching activities with upper case, lower case, numbers, and tens frames. Not shown below, I also made a recording sheet to put numbers and letters in order and also made sight word cards for the students to spell the sight word cards. There are loads of ideas on pinterest for bottle caps if you are looking for more things to do with them.

Bottle Caps 2

Plaid In Kindergarten – Thrifty Thursday – Magnet Letters

I have a confession. I am slightly addicted to anything for a dollar. This week, I was too excited to find some magnetic letters in the Dollar Spot at Target for $1.00.  After 15 years of teaching in grades 2-5, I am making a move to Kindergarten, which means it’s time to go even more primary. With this in mind, I knew magnetic letters would be a must. So…. I bought a “few” to have in my class. Hopefully I have enough. While there, I did notice they had upper case and numbers too.lowercase magnet letters

Lots of ideas are running through my mind on how to use them!

  • Putting the letters in alphabetical order
  • Matching lower and upper case letters
  • Identifying missing letters and sounds
  • Sight Words
  • Spelling their names
  • Word families
  • If have some more ideas, please share!

I’m sure more will come to mind. If not, that’s what Pinterest is for!

While at Dollar Tree the other day, I did pick up a few cookie sheets so students could use them in small groups or individually.

Dollar Tree Cookie Sheets

But I know I want to set up a wall or center that would be a bit more permanent. Maybe some of you have some ideas on how to make that happen!

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