Plaid In Kindergarten – Thrifty Thursday – Magnet Letters

I have a confession. I am slightly addicted to anything for a dollar. This week, I was too excited to find some magnetic letters in the Dollar Spot at Target for $1.00.  After 15 years of teaching in grades 2-5, I am making a move to Kindergarten, which means it’s time to go even more primary. With this in mind, I knew magnetic letters would be a must. So…. I bought a “few” to have in my class. Hopefully I have enough. While there, I did notice they had upper case and numbers too.lowercase magnet letters

Lots of ideas are running through my mind on how to use them!

  • Putting the letters in alphabetical order
  • Matching lower and upper case letters
  • Identifying missing letters and sounds
  • Sight Words
  • Spelling their names
  • Word families
  • If have some more ideas, please share!

I’m sure more will come to mind. If not, that’s what Pinterest is for!

While at Dollar Tree the other day, I did pick up a few cookie sheets so students could use them in small groups or individually.

Dollar Tree Cookie Sheets

But I know I want to set up a wall or center that would be a bit more permanent. Maybe some of you have some ideas on how to make that happen!

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