KinderTribe – All About Me

For those so know me at all, they know the utter surprise it must be here that Stephen Wolfe is a kindergarten teacher. The year hasn’t even started and I already have a newfound respect for kindergarten teachers and the work they do. This is, without a doubt, the most challenging start of my career as a teacher. It’s the most challenging, but also one I am tremendously excited about. So that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, I started looking at kindergarten blogs, I connected with some kindergarten teachers on twitter, I found some kindergarten pages on facebook (even messaged one to get some advice), and, through all that, I found a tribe forming. This tribe was a group of kindergarten teachers, all at different stages in their career, who were looking to connect with other kindergarten from all over the world to share, learn, and grow together.

Since this KinderTribe is so brand new, we are all just getting to know each other, so, this is me…. I can’t wait to join the link up and learn all about the rest of them too.

KinderTribe All About Me


11 thoughts on “KinderTribe – All About Me

  1. Mountain Dew was my drink of choice when I was in high school!! I guess I lost my Mountain Dew craving when I stopped drinking pop in university! I still do have the occasional pop (well my boyfriend might disagree with the “occasional” lol…) but my pop of choice is usually Coke πŸ˜‰ I’m so excited for you that you are starting your first day in K! I have to admit it is a little overwhelming at first.. they are such babies! I teach Pre-K/K split so the some of them are only 3 when the come in!! There is a huge training period but they will grow on you like no other grade!! I hope you have a fabulous year and I look forward to connecting with you more over at the FB page πŸ˜€


  2. Kindergarten is so challenging, but is SO much fun! They learn so much throughout the year and come farther than you’d ever expect.

    When I first found out I was going to have kindergarteners added into my 1st grade class, I cried! I didn’t think I could handle it! But after awhile, you get used to it and really enjoy it!

    I am so glad you’ve joined our tribe! I love learning from someone with so much experience! And I think it is great to have more men in ECE! I hope you learn a ton from our tribe!


  3. Welcome to kindergarten! I did five years in fourth grade and when I was told I was moving to kindergarten I was shocked! Now as I enter my fifth year in kindergarten I can’t imagine being anywhere else! I love it so much and each year I learn something new! I can totally understand how daunting and nervewracking the move to kindergarten can be, and if there’s ever anything I can do to help you through your journey please just let me know!!
    I too must start each day with a soda, though Coke is my drink of choice! Children’s literature is my passion, if you ever need books suggestions I’d love to help you out!!
    Welcome to kindergarten, and thank you so much for sharing about yourself!

    Kindergarten Dragons


  4. I am so excited you are joining the kindergarten world! This will also be my 16th year teaching! I believe I read on our kindertribe facebook page that you were from Alabama I am also from Alabama!! I hope you have a fabulous year in K!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your all about this kinder teacher with us!


  5. You will just love KINDERGARTEN! I think your school system will benefit from having a male figure in K with so much teaching experience. Enjoy this wild and crazy adventure. You will be amazed by the growth you will see by your students in K. I met the author to Kindergarten Smorgasbord at the TPT conference in Vegas. There blog is awesome and I love their Periscopes.


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