Plaid in Kindergarten – Sensory Bin Letters

I’ve been planning on giving sensory  experiences in my learning centers this year and I finally gave it a try! This past week we were supposed to look at the alphabet as a whole so I used Chicka Chicka Boom, of course, as my text. I have four tables for my class to sit at so I made four sensory bins with different kinds of noodles, rice, and beans. I dyed them all with food coloring and concentrated sugar free kool aid to give them a color and a scent. I found some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letters on TPT for free and, whalla! Instant letter matching center. I had two groups work on matching upper case letters and two work on lower case. I plan on switching next time we play it. The kids really seemed to enjoy it!  
I found the letter mats for free on TPT as well!   

I think the hardest part was getting them to put the letter cards back in their bins. 


Plaid in Kindergarten – The First Two Weeks

It took 15 years! On year 16,I began the one grade I said I’d never teach. 

I’m learning a lot!

This won’t be a big tutorial post or anything life changing but rather just one of reflection. So, what I am learning? (Glad you asked, let me tell you a few.)

1. Never say never – For years I said I would never teach kindergarten. Lo and behold, God proves His sense of humor and places me just there. 

2. I’m learning it’s ok to not know a lot. I’m not talking about the kiddos here. I’m talking about me. I’m not advocating for incompetence, but I am coming to a place where I am feeling ok with admitting that I don’t know everything. Especially about kindergarten! Recognizing my weaknesses there makes me open and yearning to learn more. 

3. Meeting your kids where they are is more than just academic. Teachers have said for years how important it is to meet our students where they are. This year I’ve learned it’s more than just finding what they need. I’ve got students who don’t speak English and only know Spanish so how do I meet them where they are? I learn Spanish of course. By no means am I even fair at it. At best a novice, but I’ve started trying. I can see being able to communicate with students as nothing less than a good thing. 

What new take aways have you had this year? Let us know! 

Plaid In Kindergarten – Thrifty Thursday – Floor Numbers (or wall ones)

It’s the little things that make teachers happy and this was just one of those things. I’d been wanting to put some numbers on my floor to help the kids line up and also show numbers. So I made these because I wanted them to see more than just numbers and words. I can also use them for a math center later. 

I made them for numbers 1-20, printed them two to a page to make them smaller for the floor, laminated them, and used packing tape to put them on the floor. I loved the way they turned out! The cost was basically FREE! 


Plaid In Kindergarten – Room’s Almost Ready!

With Open House on Sunday and just getting into my room this week, I had a lot to do. Luckily I had some great help! (Thanks mom and dad!) I felt like revealing a bit of the work in progress.  

I’ve already been asked about my big blank wall! I plan on using that for student work and vocabulary. It will fill up tremendously this year. My new plaid curtains had to make an appearance. We made those this week too and think they perfectly represent “Plaid in Kindergarten!”