Plaid in Kindergarten – Sensory Bin Letters

I’ve been planning on giving sensory  experiences in my learning centers this year and I finally gave it a try! This past week we were supposed to look at the alphabet as a whole so I used Chicka Chicka Boom, of course, as my text. I have four tables for my class to sit at so I made four sensory bins with different kinds of noodles, rice, and beans. I dyed them all with food coloring and concentrated sugar free kool aid to give them a color and a scent. I found some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letters on TPT for free and, whalla! Instant letter matching center. I had two groups work on matching upper case letters and two work on lower case. I plan on switching next time we play it. The kids really seemed to enjoy it!  
I found the letter mats for free on TPT as well!   

I think the hardest part was getting them to put the letter cards back in their bins. 


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