The Language of Art


I saw this quote the other day and fell in love with it. I’ve had several conversations lately about the necessity of giving students an opportunity to use and create art in the classroom. I understand that this encompasses all the arts and I think they are all important. This is why I try to give my students opportunities to participate in various art forms each week, even if it’s just a quick moment to sing, dance, act out a story, or create some sort of visual masterpiece. All of theses are crucial experiences for our students. Sometimes, our students just don’t have the words they need or want to express a thought, an idea, a question, a statement… but they have the arts. Having the arts available gives students an opportunity to use “another language” when expressing themselves. And, when given the opportunity, there’s no telling what greatness they may decide to share with us. .


I Am A Proud Public School Teacher

img_8598I felt the need to post this and proudly proclaim it. There seems to be such angst against my (our) profession right now. I posted an article recently that was a pro-public education article. The comments came swiftly questioning if it were true. I wonder…

I wonder sometimes if they realize when they criticize public schools, they criticize me. When they say they don’t believe in public education, they say they don’t believe in me. When they say they don’t have confidence in our schools, they say they don’t have confidence in me. Worse yet, they are also saying this about our children; no belief and no confidence. Yet, I see greatness every day in them.

I am a public school teacher therefore I am public schools. Do people realize this is who I am? It is what I am. You are disparaging the hopes, dreams, and high calling of so many who are pouring their lives out trying to do so much more than teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. We are trying to shape a generation that can change the world with their own ingenuity. We are trying to mold and encourage dreamers, problem-solvers, leaders, and those that will serve this world as they grow. We take everyone who comes to us regardless of where they are from. We take the rich, the poor, and the middle class. We take the educated and uneducated, the fortunate and less fortunate, those with homes and those without, the citizen and the immigrant, the red and yellow, black and white. We take those who are gifted and those who are challenged. I love what I do and I know I’m not alone. Please forgive me for such a long post, but this is who I am. I am proud of this calling and all of those who take this journey with me.