Blowing Rainbows


St. Patrick’s Day and Spring came just at the right time this year to try a new way to paint rainbows, and, of course, read a good book.

Leading up to our painting and writing project we read several good books. Two of our favorite were “A Color of His Own” by Lio Lionni and “A Rainbow of My Own” by Don Freeman. These were great books to create a conversation about colors and rainbows.

Once we tied St. Patrick’s Day into with a clever leprechaun granting wishes, our project was ready to begin!

My kinders had a great discussion about the colors of the rainbows and things we could wish for that matched those colors. We attempted to lead them to think literally and figuratively. For example, red could be love or could be a bowl of strawberries! After talking about those things they completed a simple writing assignment. Here’s a link to the Rainbow Wishes Template we used.

After working on this, it was time to paint!

We started by giving everyone a straw and sheet of card stock to paint on. Next, we squirted lines of paint like a rainbow across their paper. When this was done, it was time to blow the paint while blending the colors together to create beautiful rainbows. When they were done blowing, we let them sprinkle some glitter across the paint to give it a subtle sparkle.

This was a beautiful project that we will definitely do again!