Story Stones – More Than Just Rocks With Cute Pictures 

Last summer I took a picture of some story stones that I had made to use with my kinders. They never really got into them, but yesterday and today, these two came in to visit and they wowed me! They asked about the stones and what they were for. When I told them, they asked if they could play with them. Of course I said yes, and they proceeded to sit and play and rearrange and story-tell for over an hour!

All the time they were doing these they were editing and revising and completing the writing process. I found the entire experience fascinating to observe. As I was watching and, then later, reflecting on it all, it reminded me of just how important these types of experiences are for students above the early childhood years as well as English language learners.

We, as educators and parents, need to be advocating for experiences that help our students and children have the opportunity to construct knowledge for themselves. The results are truly beautiful!


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