The Unifying Force of Literature

We are having a great summer camp at school this year. The mornings have an academic focus working on reading, writing, and math. The afternoons have a wide range of activities from coding to farming and a lot in between. 
This week I had the opportunity to spend a little time in my daughters class and was able to see how powerful children’s literature can be. My kids do not go to the school where I teach, but I am able to bring them to our summer program. Bringing them to a new place can bring some nervousness though. How will my kids do? Will they be accepted? Will they have fun? Will they make new friends?

I was able to answer all those questions with this one short visit. 

One of the things I love about my school is their acceptance of new friends. Taking my kids to summer camp is a privilege because I love where I work and the kids that go there. I trust that my kids will be taken care of by the adults there and will be befriended by its students. 

Seeing my M with her new friends there today was a complete blessing and it reminded me of how books can bring people together. These two laughed together, took turns reading aloud, talked about the pictures, and talked about the book together. 

Isn’t is great that we have such wonderful books and stories to bring us together! 


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