What’s Your Superpower?

"Barry's real superpower isn't speed, it's hope. The kid's got an endless reservoir. Thinks it's all gonna work out!" ~ HR

I have a confession, I am a superhero junkie. I love watching superhero tv shows, movies, and even the cartoons with my kids. I love the idea of good vs. evil. I love the idea of a hero.

With all this in mind, this quote totally grabbed my attention the other night as we were watching The Flash on Netflix. HR, one of the characters, said that the Flash's superpower wasn't speed, but rather was hope. He said that Flash always thinks that things are going to work out. It struck me because his "superpower" wasn't something make believe. It was something we all can have.

This got me thinking about teachers. We all have this enormous amount of hope. We hope for our schools. We hope for our communities. We hope for our students and their families. (and some of us hope for tenure, let's be real!)

The idea of hope has weighed heavy on me these past couple of years. There are so many things I've hoped and wished for that haven't happened and there are some things that did. I wont pretend like the things that didn't weren't disappointing, they were. BUT, I try to maintain a hope that things will work out, that there is a bigger and better plan for me.

This year, as its start gets closer and closer, I want to remind us all to maintain our hope. Dream and hope for bigger and better things for yourselves, your families, your students, your school and your community. Instead of saying that being a teacher is your superpower, let's make it hope. I honestly think that this superpower is one we can pass on to those around us.

Flash image from http://media.comicbook.com/2016/07/the-flash-192898.jpg


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