Winter Landscape – An Art Project

I’ve had a few great helpers show up to help with so many of our Christmas art projects this year, that I wanted to do a little thank you project with them while my kindergarteners finished their last thing. We decided on a beautiful winter landscape using sharpies, oil pastels, tissue paper, water colors, and tempera paints. I think they enjoyed doing something a little more “grown up”

I really wanted to remember how we did this, so I thought I would keep the directions here, even if just for myself.

1. We drew a landscape line across the paper to define the snowy hill from the sky.

2. We used a light blue oil pastel to trace just below the line and a few other spots and rubbed them with our fingers for a snowy effect.

3. We decided what color(s) our sky would be and painted them with water colors.

4. While we were waiting on the sky to dry, we cut triangles out of cardstock to turn into trees and covered them with tissue paper, cutting off the excess.

5. After choosing an arrangement, we glued the trees on the painted landscape.

6. Finally, we wanted to snow on our paper. We used a watered down acrylic paint and dipped a paintbrush in it. We held the paintbrush over our landscape and tapped it gently snowing over our work. Warning, this can be messy.