Give Them Permission to be Good

Kids were coming in the door as I was up front this morning. I was talking to another teacher and greeting all the kids as they walked in and past us. Some stopped. Some kept walking. Some spoke back and some didn’t. She made a comment about all the relationships I had made and the way I was talking to the kids.

I made the comment to her that some of our students just need permission to show how good and great they can be.

I believe that all the kids have the potential, some just don’t show it every day. Why? They don’t know they have the right, the permission to do so. I may not know all the reasons why, but I’d guess that a lot of them don’t have the inner-voice telling them that they can or should be.

A hope I have is that I not only give them them that permission daily, but that I also urge and beg them to share it with others. A simple invitation can go a long way…